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Signs Your Tablet Battery Needs Replacement

Last decade, one gadget has also become an important part of our life i.e. Tablet. After the launch of Apple iPad, the tablet market has grown steadily and it has become another mobile device, that enhances the user experience. Every top mobile phone brand has its tablets. Like Apple, Samsung is also leading brand in tablets but like every mobile device, the performance of the tablet is dependent on its battery. IF you want that your tablet keeps working fine, then you should be keeping proper care of your tablet’s battery.  Usually, the mobile phone and tablet have the same functions but people prefer tablet because of their bigger screen and with a bigger screen you also get a bigger battery. It means you can enjoy watching a movie on your tablet with complete drying it out. With one charge the tablet battery can last more 6-8 hours of continuous use. But the bigger battery doesn’t mean that it will last forever. As the battery gets old and after the number of charging cycle, it starts dying.  But the dying battery will show some signs that will work as a warning and will help you to change your battery before dying completely.

The decrease in Backup time:

The first sign that your tablet battery is getting weak, is that the backup time will be reduced. For example, if you were getting the battery time of 24 hours, which have been reduced to 18 hours. With passing time, the backup time will be kept on decreasing if the battery will not replace. This is the very obvious indicator and it is better to replace the battery well in time, as it will also affect the performance of your tablet.

Slow charging

Usually, the new battery takes less time to be charged completely but with time, they require more time to charge. If in the start your battery gets charged in 2 hours but now it taking 3 or more hours, it means your battery is declining. It means you have to wait longer to use your tablet and you will be unable to use your tablet, as before.


Whenever your tablet’s battery starts overheating, you must be going for replacement as early as possible. Because not only this overheating will damage the battery health further, but it can also affect the other hardware of your tablet. Even the overheating is an annoying problem because you will be unable to use your tablet properly. As the heat will make it difficult to hold the tablet in your hand for a longer time.

Whenever your battery shows these signs, it is better to go for battery replacement without wasting further time. Always try to replace the Samsung tablet battery with genuine new battery otherwise any counterfeit battery will damage your tablet completely. Might be you will save some money by buying counterfeit battery but you will lose your tablet.