Advertising Wins During An Exhibition

Bright colours for bright ideas! You want to be able to show off a little especially in an exhibition environment; your competitors won’t know what hit them! Don’t forget that fonts are also so important and often overlooked. You want cool and funky not boring and square. If you don’t know how to design your table talker that’s just fine because the brilliant and creative customer care team at Bell Graphics can help you design your table talkers as well as printing them.

Visit and they can walk you through how to do the artwork for your table talkers. Quality. Laminated table talkers can go a long way and you don’t have to pay over the odds for your printing. Bell Graphics can also advise you on the best paper and sizing to use for your exhibition. Being in front of your competitors alongside your potential customers can be daunting, but if your advertising is spot on and you’ve done all you can to make better offers than they do, then you’ve nothing to fear. Roller blinds, posters, table talkers and giant glowing flags are all great ways to entice your customers but all will only do the job you make them do.


So sing your brand loud and proud – and we mean loud with fluorescent colouring – and make your company count You’ve set up your stall, you’ve popped up your roller banners and have laid out bags of loot for new customers to pick up on their way round. You’ve got all your best offers on display and you’re ready with your clipboards to take information from new people to set up emailers and send out postal flyers. What else could you need? Well, small is sometimes the best way to be effective in promotions and what better to engage your potential customers than with table talkers made by

Table talkers are an absolute must have for your business, whether at an event like an exhibition, or on the reception desk of your building as visitors come in and if you have ordered online with, you’ll have had the best! Small, effective and hugely successful, table talkers are a great little way of starting a conversation but here are some tips to help you get the most out of your mini adverts! Action-oriented phrases like ‘order now’ and ‘ask for more information’ are effective ways to get your message across. Table talkers have limited space for content so a flashy, eye-catching headline and a couple of lines about what you’re selling are the best way around ensuring you maximise your exposure and capture interest. Promote deals or promote contact details! Does your company sell holidays?

Adding a catching slogan about what types of holiday you sell or a small list of the destinations you fly to can make a table talker pop for the right reasons. Choose your promotion wisely, you want to draw people in to start a conversation about your company. Make sure the items you select to advertise are ones you think have the potential to be the most popular, or items you know are already popular to encourage new sales.