2 Worst Lock and Keys Problems in Your Home You’re Not Aware Of

Antique Lock and Key

Home security has never been the main priority of people before. They do some security measures at home, but that’s only some lock and keys which can do the trick. Well, that’s not the case we have today. Home security today is now one of the main priorities of people, not only because people can have many processions as they want nowadays but also because of countless crimes and robbery that’s been happening all around. The main purpose of security is to protect the household as well as all the processions inside it. But the most important one is, of course, the lives inside a home which makes security equally important as one of humanity’s basic needs.

But did you know that even if you prioritize security in your house, you can still have some hidden problems that can create the worst possible scenarios you wouldn’t want to happen? If ever you’re unsure of your home security, you can always consult locksmiths to give inspection on it. You sure want the best for your home and family right.

Here are the 2 worst lock and key problems in your home doors and windows that you might not know about. These problems are often hidden and cannot be seen by someone unskilled and unfamiliar about it, if you’re using these kinds of locks, you better check if they are still working properly; you can ask a locksmith help for this.

  1. Deadbolt doesn’t completely extend. This is one of the major problems that home locks have. Many homeowners don’t know this until they notice that their locks aren’t locking. Bolts that don’t extend enough leads to weak lock and the door can be easily opened with a knife or an ice pick. It is required that the bolt can extend into a full inch to make it lock completely and safely.  The possible worst case scenario is if you’re alone in the house, and bad people want to get money from you including your possessions, they can easily open your main door using knife point without you knowing it reaching you in the most vulnerable time where you think you’re safe in your home. They can hurt you if you resist and worst, kill you. So this is very important to ensure that this matter has your attention.

  1. Dead latch is not properly working. If you don’t know anything about locks, you probably can’t tell if the dead latch is working properly or not, you might not even know what a dead latch is. A dead latch prevents your lock (latch) from opening easily using a card; any card that are thin enough to enter the door and the jamb. The dead latch should originally be depressed every time the door is closed. If your dead latch is not working properly even when it’s not too old or rusty to malfunction, then the problem originally came from the installation of the lock. Again this can lead to a terrible scenario, so it’s important that the installation is right, and you have a skilled locksmith to check it for you.

Here you go, these are just 2 of the worst problems you may have with your locks; the solution to this it to ask a locksmith’s help. They can check your locks and fix it if it needs repair or replacements. You can contact locksmiths East London to have the best locks service.